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Women Bringing Heaven

Back in 2011, when God first gave me the dream and vision of an online community of Christian Women, there were many details. I saw women lifting each other up, praying for each other, offering encouragement, and more.

Soon after, Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven was launched. For nearly 5 years it evolved in to many things, but was still not completing the vision. There was still a dream.

When Women On The Warpath developed itself nearly overnight, the dream finally felt like it was thriving. This was what God intended, but it still wasn’t quite there… and I’m not sure it ever will be. The dream grows daily and the sight of the vision spreads deeper¬†and wider every day.

With two “sister” ministries, Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven and Women On The Warpath, that work together to strengthen Christian women, it only seemed fitting that they have a “mother” entity.

After racking my brain and getting nowhere for a name, I asked Karen to come up with something. A few weeks later she gave me a mission statement:

Not an event, Not for a limited time,
But a Movement to Usher in the Bridegroom!
Thy Kingdom Come!

I became so excited that I didn’t even realize for a few minutes that it wasn’t a name… and then moments later the Holy Spirit revealed the name Women Bringing Heaven to me. Again, so ecstatic that it was a few more minutes before it dawned on me that this was actually a combination of the sister names!

Women Bringing Heaven is the ministry of Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven and Women On The Warpath. Equipping women and uniting them together to bring Heaven on earth! Praising God while waging not but interceding.

Some of our social media sites you may see with this name instead of our other two names, and this is why.

Is Heaven in you? Bring it!