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ByEmily McClure

Worship On The Warpath With Special Guest Jeremiah Yocom

Emily was recently able to sit down and interview Jeremiah Yocom about Worship On The Warpath. What did he have to say about spiritual warfare, worship leaders, his inspirations, scripture, and more? Watch now and find out!

A few disclaimers from Emily:
1- I cried all my make up off in worship
2- He had 5 minutes of preparation
3- We had to use 2 different cell phones
4- It is literally 1 o’clock in the morning
5- I didn’t know where I was supposed to look or what to do with my mouth lol

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Intro Credit: Jeremiah Yocom

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ByJudye Jackson

If You Only Knew…

In John 4, Jesus said to a certain woman, “…if you only knew…”

She didn’t know who He was but it didn’t take her long to find out. There is one specific thing that happened to open her eyes between verses 16 & 19. She answered TRUTHFULLY before He told her about her life.

How does He want us to worship? In truth & in spirit. This sinful woman told the truth. She owned up to what she was doing and her spiritual eyes were opened because of it. When truth is revealed and dealt with, peace comes. What did she do? She ran with the Good News – She knew Who He was.

God will not make a treaty with sin, but He will reveal it. At the Cross sin was not appeased – it was confronted. It was not overlooked – it was paid for.

If you can believe The Blood of Christ for salvation, you can believe it for peace that surpasses all understanding. Our peace has been planned, purchased and provided. It’s worth your time to read Jeremiah 29:11.