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ByEmily McClure

Worship On The Warpath With Special Guest Jeremiah Yocom

Emily was recently able to sit down and interview Jeremiah Yocom about Worship On The Warpath. What did he have to say about spiritual warfare, worship leaders, his inspirations, scripture, and more? Watch now and find out!

A few disclaimers from Emily:
1- I cried all my make up off in worship
2- He had 5 minutes of preparation
3- We had to use 2 different cell phones
4- It is literally 1 o’clock in the morning
5- I didn’t know where I was supposed to look or what to do with my mouth lol

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Intro Credit: Jeremiah Yocom

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ByJudye Jackson

How Do I Hear When God Speaks?

God our Father has created us in such a unique way – we each have our own “flavor” so to speak. I first “heard” him at the age of five. In other words, I was aware of a loving presence and even though I had not been taught or taken to church, I knew Him. Children are more susceptible to His presence, I believe, than many adults. I remember to this day the very moment I became aware of His loving presence at that young age.

The term “practicing the presence of God” has been thrown about a lot lately. To me it isn’t practice – it is presence. Each of us is a unique creation and He knows how to speak to us at just the right time in just the right way. Every time I read His Word He is speaking to me through that Word. I “hear” Him when He speaks through His Word. It comes as a “knowing” in my spirit. I have been in His Presence enough that I recognize Him. He speaks sweet peace.

Each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made and we all have one thing in common – we are His Creation and we are not here by chance. The last thing I do EVERY night is read His Word – it brings sweet peace and I am tuned into Him before I close my eyes. Is my world perfect? Not by a long shot – but I have learned this one thing – Jesus loves me this I know and He always speaks to me through His Word that gets me through this world. If you’re having difficulty understanding – do not fret. If possible, let the last thing you do before you turn out the light is read His Word. If it’s only one verse – start with that – and thank Him for His mercy and grace – do like I do if need be – “think to Him” – I know that sounds simple but He knows your thoughts. He wants to hear you as much as you want to hear Him. Even today sometimes, I still have to go before Him as that little barefoot five-year-old girl with the brown pigtails who wonders in awe of such love.