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ByJudye Jackson

Forgiveness: A Mighty Weapon

One of the weapons we have in our spiritual arsenal is forgiveness – not only that we have RECEIVED forgiveness but that WE forgive. The enemy of your soul HATES forgiveness – he cannot deal with it. All the more reason to forgive those who may have wronged you, said something out of order or ignored you.
What would keep us from forgiving? Is it pride? The Word tells us that pride always comes before a fall. I have learned that forgiving anyone REQUIRES a CONSCIOUS decision on my part and replacing unforgiveness with prayer for that person. Reaching back in time I asked God to bring to my mind anyone I haven’t forgiven – He did. All the way back to age 5. Children remember things you think they may have forgotten since they were so young. They don’t. Forgiving not only brings peace – it is a mighty weapon & the enemy cannot deal with your throwing away one of his weapons. Check your arsenal. We are made overcomers by the Word of our testimony. I choose to forgive.
ByJudye Jackson

God Could Do Anything He Wanted…

Winter always reminds me of a time when we heated with a wood stove.

My children were still in grade school & rode the school bus which picked them up at an early hour each day. The forecast called for a 3-4 inch snow by morning & I had exhausted the wood supply for the month due to unusually cold temps. I did have one large piece of beautiful cherry wood stored away that a friend had given me & I planned to do a carving from it – I begrudgingly put it in the stove. Better to burn the wood than have my babies cold.

We said our prayers and I tucked them in and told them God could do anything He wanted with the weather & they were not to worry. The snow began to fall around 9:00 pm & I was reminded of my words to the children. I set the alarm, went to bed and slept soundly.

At daylight I got up to check on the children & cover Elizabeth because she always kicked off blankets, cold or not. I knew the house would be cold & made up my mind I would go to my sisters where it would be warm. On my way back through the living room, I peeked out to see how much snow had fallen and was amazed to see the biggest stack of firewood in my front yard! I don’t know who delivered it, but I shall never forget it.

Doing good deeds anonymously without expecting something in return brings its own rewards – many jewels in a future crown that we may lay at HIS feet. I love Him.

ByJudye Jackson

If You Only Knew…

In John 4, Jesus said to a certain woman, “…if you only knew…”

She didn’t know who He was but it didn’t take her long to find out. There is one specific thing that happened to open her eyes between verses 16 & 19. She answered TRUTHFULLY before He told her about her life.

How does He want us to worship? In truth & in spirit. This sinful woman told the truth. She owned up to what she was doing and her spiritual eyes were opened because of it. When truth is revealed and dealt with, peace comes. What did she do? She ran with the Good News – She knew Who He was.

God will not make a treaty with sin, but He will reveal it. At the Cross sin was not appeased – it was confronted. It was not overlooked – it was paid for.

If you can believe The Blood of Christ for salvation, you can believe it for peace that surpasses all understanding. Our peace has been planned, purchased and provided. It’s worth your time to read Jeremiah 29:11.

ByJudye Jackson

How Do I Hear When God Speaks?

God our Father has created us in such a unique way – we each have our own “flavor” so to speak. I first “heard” him at the age of five. In other words, I was aware of a loving presence and even though I had not been taught or taken to church, I knew Him. Children are more susceptible to His presence, I believe, than many adults. I remember to this day the very moment I became aware of His loving presence at that young age.

The term “practicing the presence of God” has been thrown about a lot lately. To me it isn’t practice – it is presence. Each of us is a unique creation and He knows how to speak to us at just the right time in just the right way. Every time I read His Word He is speaking to me through that Word. I “hear” Him when He speaks through His Word. It comes as a “knowing” in my spirit. I have been in His Presence enough that I recognize Him. He speaks sweet peace.

Each of us is uniquely and wonderfully made and we all have one thing in common – we are His Creation and we are not here by chance. The last thing I do EVERY night is read His Word – it brings sweet peace and I am tuned into Him before I close my eyes. Is my world perfect? Not by a long shot – but I have learned this one thing – Jesus loves me this I know and He always speaks to me through His Word that gets me through this world. If you’re having difficulty understanding – do not fret. If possible, let the last thing you do before you turn out the light is read His Word. If it’s only one verse – start with that – and thank Him for His mercy and grace – do like I do if need be – “think to Him” – I know that sounds simple but He knows your thoughts. He wants to hear you as much as you want to hear Him. Even today sometimes, I still have to go before Him as that little barefoot five-year-old girl with the brown pigtails who wonders in awe of such love.