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Tag Archive Answered Prayers

ByJudye Jackson

God Could Do Anything He Wanted…

Winter always reminds me of a time when we heated with a wood stove.

My children were still in grade school & rode the school bus which picked them up at an early hour each day. The forecast called for a 3-4 inch snow by morning & I had exhausted the wood supply for the month due to unusually cold temps. I did have one large piece of beautiful cherry wood stored away that a friend had given me & I planned to do a carving from it – I begrudgingly put it in the stove. Better to burn the wood than have my babies cold.

We said our prayers and I tucked them in and told them God could do anything He wanted with the weather & they were not to worry. The snow began to fall around 9:00 pm & I was reminded of my words to the children. I set the alarm, went to bed and slept soundly.

At daylight I got up to check on the children & cover Elizabeth because she always kicked off blankets, cold or not. I knew the house would be cold & made up my mind I would go to my sisters where it would be warm. On my way back through the living room, I peeked out to see how much snow had fallen and was amazed to see the biggest stack of firewood in my front yard! I don’t know who delivered it, but I shall never forget it.

Doing good deeds anonymously without expecting something in return brings its own rewards – many jewels in a future crown that we may lay at HIS feet. I love Him.