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Our Vision & Mission

The History


The story of how Women On The Warpath came to be goes back a few years…

In 2011, two friends, Angie & Karen, started out on a new adventure… A blog by the name of Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven. Before it even launched that August, two other friends, Emily & Diania, joined in. Originally with a focus on all stages of Christian Motherhood and Womanhood, over time it evolved to be just about everything. The last few years it seemed that the focus turned more towards prayer and every day evangelism with other things mixed in. Over the years, other contributors have come and gone, but at the current time these 4 are all writing together along with a team of 6 others.

First Prayer Day

In March of 2015, Janice (Angie’s Mom) called for an online prayer day among some friends. There were a few in our lives that had great needs and it seemed that a prayer day was necessary.

Many prayers that went up that day were answered and several asked over the following months that we do it again some time.

Becoming A Woman On The Warpath

Fast forward to February 2016. Emily felt led by the Holy Spirit to do something out of character: Create a video with a message about Becoming A Woman On The Warpath. It resonated with all of us and was posted on our original blog, Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven.

2nd Annual Prayer Day

In March of 2016, Janice called for another prayer day. Angie and Emily asked if they could open the invitation to more than just a few, and Janice excitedly agreed.

From the first day that the Facebook event was created the prayer requests began coming in and everyone was agreeing together in prayer. Women all over the world were committing themselves to pray on the 15th of March for their nations, churches, families, revival, and each other. Several days before prayer day had even arrived there were reports of prayers already being answered!

A Community Is Born

In the conversations, someone had mentioned that they were loving the community and hoped everyone would stay in touch. Angie and Emily agreed that a group should be created to keep the movement going. At this time, other than posting about it on their blog, it had not even crossed their minds to tie any of this in to their website, but to just have a place to discuss prayer and encourage other prayer warriors. Angie asked Emily if the group could have the title from the video she posted the month before, Women On The Warpath. A few days later the prayer day took place and within weeks just about every prayer had received an answer. (We regret not documenting every single one of them! They varied from unspoken, “small” (we don’t consider any prayers small), to flat-out miracles.)

Obviously, God had plans here all along that had not occurred to any of us!

By the end of the first prayer day, a decision was made to repeat the event every month on the 15th. Within a few weeks, the Facebook group became a branch of Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven.



An Unexpected & Unplanned 2nd Ministry

Over time the Facebook group has grown little by little, and eventually near the end of 2016 we felt led by the Holy Spirit to create a sister site to Raising Sticky Hands To Heaven with a clear vision of what to include and what to leave out.

The Mission

Our mission is to equip godly women for spiritual warfare, their daily Christian walk with the Lord, and healthy growth in the Lord through prayer and encouragement.