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Forgiveness: A Mighty Weapon

ByJudye Jackson

Forgiveness: A Mighty Weapon

One of the weapons we have in our spiritual arsenal is forgiveness – not only that we have RECEIVED forgiveness but that WE forgive. The enemy of your soul HATES forgiveness – he cannot deal with it. All the more reason to forgive those who may have wronged you, said something out of order or ignored you.
What would keep us from forgiving? Is it pride? The Word tells us that pride always comes before a fall. I have learned that forgiving anyone REQUIRES a CONSCIOUS decision on my part and replacing unforgiveness with prayer for that person. Reaching back in time I asked God to bring to my mind anyone I haven’t forgiven – He did. All the way back to age 5. Children remember things you think they may have forgotten since they were so young. They don’t. Forgiving not only brings peace – it is a mighty weapon & the enemy cannot deal with your throwing away one of his weapons. Check your arsenal. We are made overcomers by the Word of our testimony. I choose to forgive.

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Judye Jackson author

True southern girl, born in Birmingham, Alabama & raised in Paducah, Kentucky. Tried living in a large, northern city for a year, but eventually concluded there is no place like home. Married to the same man for 1000 years, have 3 children, 6 grandchildren and one fat, yellow tabby named Tut. Occupations include public health & physicians offices. The most enjoyable, rewarding time of my life was teaching in a Christian Academy with a wonderful staff & students of all ages. I am an avid reader & love to sketch & paint when time permits. Currently compiling my first book & I am honored to have been asked to join this blog – Heaven knows I have raised my sticky hands toward Heaven many times….My goal is to lift up the name of Jesus.

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