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Monthly Archive May 2017

ByJudye Jackson

Forgiveness: A Mighty Weapon

One of the weapons we have in our spiritual arsenal is forgiveness – not only that we have RECEIVED forgiveness but that WE forgive. The enemy of your soul HATES forgiveness – he cannot deal with it. All the more reason to forgive those who may have wronged you, said something out of order or ignored you.
What would keep us from forgiving? Is it pride? The Word tells us that pride always comes before a fall. I have learned that forgiving anyone REQUIRES a CONSCIOUS decision on my part and replacing unforgiveness with prayer for that person. Reaching back in time I asked God to bring to my mind anyone I haven’t forgiven – He did. All the way back to age 5. Children remember things you think they may have forgotten since they were so young. They don’t. Forgiving not only brings peace – it is a mighty weapon & the enemy cannot deal with your throwing away one of his weapons. Check your arsenal. We are made overcomers by the Word of our testimony. I choose to forgive.
ByEmily McClure

The Book that Wrecked my Prayer Life

If you subscribe to http://www.raisingstickyhands.com, then you may have read my recent posts about choosing a focus word and focus verse for the year of 2017.

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Not long after this year began, our women’s Sunday school class started reading a new book together. It was clear to me in Chapter One (What Is the Answer for Stevie?) that God had ordained this study to take place at this exact time in my life. I believe He spoke to me what my focus word and focus verse for this year was to be and then He sent this book as a guide for my journey.

If the Son of God fasted and prayed for power in His ministry, why should you and I think we are exempt from these things? –The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting

The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting by Mahesh Chavda has opened my eyes and stirred my spirit deeply. I am sharing this with you because I feel it is an extremely beneficial help to the true Church….The ones that desire to witness and be involved in a supernatural move of God like never before. The ones that long to operate under the anointing of Jesus Christ that breaks yokes of bondage and sets captives free. The ones that are passionate about walking in the greater Jesus said we were capable of through Him. The ones that are tired of being defeated by a defeated devil. The ones that are willing to pick up a mantle and do what it takes to be carriers of the manifest glory of the Most High God!

The Lord desires to draw us into the intimate place of fasting where He can develop our interior life while we are still engaged in the exterior community of regular life. –The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting

I had already been asking God to show me how I could increase my prayer life. When it comes to the Bible I can read and discuss it all day long because it is the very air I breath, but when it comes to my prayer life, I have felt stalled. Let me tell you, this book is not for the weak. It is intense and God has spoken to me through every page. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that God sent me an “Increase Your Prayer Life” training tool in the form of this book.

When my father-in-law was pastoring, I heard him say countless times, “If you want something new from God, you must do something you’ve never done before.” I feel like I am in preparation mode right now. I am challenging my spirit man and defying my flesh because God is up to something and I refuse to stand by and watch. I want to be a part of it! And I want you to be a part of it, too! It’s not easy and I’m not perfect, but I am doing my best to be willing, so that I can also be effective.

Sometimes even our most insignificant works of obedience are destined for far greater purposes than we can imagine! –The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting

If we want to be effective women on the warpath, we must dig deep into the power of God and Mahesh Chavda reveals how possible that is when we combine prayer and fasting together. He makes the compelling statement, “If prayer is the capsule containing our gifts and requests to God, then fasting is the booster rocket that lifts our prayers beyond the boundaries of earth and into the heavenlies.” It doesn’t get much simpler than that.

Fasting sharpens the focus of our prayers and our accuracy in discerning what to do. –The Hidden Power of Prayer and Fasting

I encourage each of you to read this book. I don’t care if it takes you a week or 6 months, read it! Why? Because it is full of key factors that challenge the prayer lives we think we have along with the relationship with God that we have been satisfied with. It provides Biblical truths paired with personal accounts from a powerful man of God that put me to shame. I have been a child of God from a young age and was exposed to His presence early on in life. Bro. Mahesh was raised in a Hindu family and wasn’t introduced to God until he was 16 years old, and that introduction was followed by an amazing encounter!

If you have struggled like me, then take the plunge. Get your hands on a copy of this book and dive in. And then let me know what you think!

The Nitty Gritty Reader Details

  1. I am an avid reader of Christian fiction. Nonfiction, not so much. Not that I don’t enjoy the nonfiction books I read, it’s just that I have a harder time making myself to sit down and focus so that I can glean from what the authors are sharing. That being said, if I can read this book, so can you!
  2. Another deterrent I have experienced when reading Christian nonfiction is an author who is obviously over my head. If I can’t comprehend what I’m attempting to take in than I most likely give up on the attempt. Thankfully this book does not fall into that category. Again, if I can read this book, so can you!

*Please note that I completely understand the Bible comes first and as previously stated, it is the air that I breathe. I am in no way putting this book above the Bible or it’s author above God. I am just grateful that God gives wisdom and insight to His believers and allows them the platform to share those revelations with other believers who are hungry for greater, and I just couldn’t keep it to myself. 🙂

ByJudye Jackson

God Could Do Anything He Wanted…

Winter always reminds me of a time when we heated with a wood stove.

My children were still in grade school & rode the school bus which picked them up at an early hour each day. The forecast called for a 3-4 inch snow by morning & I had exhausted the wood supply for the month due to unusually cold temps. I did have one large piece of beautiful cherry wood stored away that a friend had given me & I planned to do a carving from it – I begrudgingly put it in the stove. Better to burn the wood than have my babies cold.

We said our prayers and I tucked them in and told them God could do anything He wanted with the weather & they were not to worry. The snow began to fall around 9:00 pm & I was reminded of my words to the children. I set the alarm, went to bed and slept soundly.

At daylight I got up to check on the children & cover Elizabeth because she always kicked off blankets, cold or not. I knew the house would be cold & made up my mind I would go to my sisters where it would be warm. On my way back through the living room, I peeked out to see how much snow had fallen and was amazed to see the biggest stack of firewood in my front yard! I don’t know who delivered it, but I shall never forget it.

Doing good deeds anonymously without expecting something in return brings its own rewards – many jewels in a future crown that we may lay at HIS feet. I love Him.